Anurupa Ganguly serves as the Director of Mathematics and Engineering at Success Academy Charter Schools. She and her team are currently building a next-generation high school Math, Physics, Engineering, and Computer Science curriculum. The curricular approach is task-based and exposes students to current issues that can be examined and solved with STEM tools while cultivating social responsibility. These interdisciplinary problems create the conditions for scholars to pose and pursue rich and often socially relevant questions, develop their own approaches to solve these problems, constantly make sense of the concepts and skills they are learning and build fluency over time. As an engineer turned educator, she is particularly committed to the transformation of the K-12 experience to one that equips historically underserved students and their teachers with the beliefs, skills and resolve to support students’ success in post-secondary STEM, which continue to suffer the lack of diverse participation even today.

She began her teaching career in the Boston Public Schools (BPS) as a Physics and Mathematics teacher where she was inspired to re-envision the training and development of urban mathematics teachers. After spending two years in Mumbai, India, recruiting high quality teachers, developing teacher PD to provide students a more conceptually rigorous Math education, and integrating the principles of the CCSS-Mathematics into the Indian context of curriculum and instruction, Anurupa returned to the Boston Public Schools to head the Secondary Mathematics office, and later served as the Senior Director of Teaching and Learning at the NYC DOE. She now lives in Brooklyn, NYC. She holds a BS and M.Eng in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from MIT, and EdM in Curriculum and Teaching from Boston University.

Anurupa can be reached at or on Twitter @aganguly26